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Drew Sullivan

"This background is the exact neural structure of my brain done as a Web page..."

NICAR Advisor

Where to find me:

by phone:          phone:  212-621-7639
                   fax:  212-621-7046

snailmail:         Associated Press
                   50 Rockefeller Plaza
                   New York, NY  10020

electronically: daily) (checked daily)         

Who Am I:

I'm the former systems director of NICAR and will someday soon have a graduate degree from MU when I complete that multimedia class paper. I now work for the Associated Press in New York as a data junkie/news data editor on their special assignment team. I also train at NICAR training seminars, act as an advisor/consultant on technical matters and generally support the cause anyway I can.

Check out the now infamous NICAR staff at the Fillmore picture (big)

Useful Sites:

Database Sites (download raw data):

Data Search and Visualization sites:

PC related sites:

Here are some of my personal interests.

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